Board & Executive Management

Board of Directors

Vicki Adams, President
Community Volunteer

Marilyn Baker, Vice President
Parent & Retired Social Services

, Treasurer

Margaret McClure, Secretary
Parent & Community Volunteer 

Art Hutton
Parent & Local Business Owner

Joan Pennington
Family Member & Tax Preparer

Rick Spears
Rick Spears Graphics

Executive Team

Tami Wierman, CPA, Executive Director, Finance, Facility, Human Resources
(360) 653-7752 ext. 12                           

Michelle Dietz, MPA, Executive Director, Program, Development, Strategic Planning
(360) 653-7752 ext. 14


Staff Contacts

Donations, Community Relations, & Special Projects
Michelle Dietz, Executive Director, Program & Development
360-653-7752 ext. 14

Employment Services
Kris Mecko, Director of Employment Services
360-653-7752 ext. 19

Village Training Division
Andrew Urie, Village Training Division Coordinator

360-653-7752 ext. 15

Residential Supported Living
Kathleen Nelson, Director of Residential Services
(360) 653-7752 ext. 13

Andy Fisher, Program Manager, Arlington & Smokey Point Women’s

Beth Nelson, Program Manager, Smokey Point Men’s & Stanwood

Kathleen Nelson, Program Manager, High Clover