Employment Services

Village Community Services provides a continuum of vocational supports to individuals who have physical, mental health, and/or developmental disabilities. Services are tailored to each individual's specific job training needs, goals and aspirations.

Employer Testimonial

“Gloria has brought a lot of happiness to our childcare center.  The parents, employees and kids love seeing her.  Gloria cleans the toys to help keep the children from spreading germs.  She is always friendly to the kids and happy to be here.  I would recommend hiring a person with a disability if they are able to meet the job requirements.  I would and have recommended working with Village Community Services, because my experience has been great.  It is good for the children and employees to understand people with disabilities are just like the rest of us.  My favorite thing about having Gloria as an employee is how much she enjoys it.  Gloria takes pride in the job she does and always comes with a big hug and smile.”      –Bev Curtis, Our Saviour’s Daycare

Employment Planning and Supports
  • Skill assessments
  • Goal setting
  • Resume writing and interview training
  • Developing community connections and networking
  • Skill building through trial work experience and volunteerism 
  • On-the-job training according to employer’s specifications
  • Help with accommodations
  • Follow-along supports for newly hired employees and their employers
  • Mentoring & advocacy
T.E.C. (Technology, Employment, and Community)

Individualized training in technology for on-the-job communication, safety, scheduling, job duties, and more for people with disabilities and those close to them.


WorkStrides LogoWorkStrides is a 3-day career development workshop where participants learn to leverage their strengths for greater success in the workplace.

WorkStrides helps participants discover and understand their work values, strengths, interests, and skills as well as the barriers to success.  Our WorkStrides facilitators focus on problem-solving and goal-setting and help people look at where they’ve been; where they want to go, and then assists with developing a plan to get them there.

The WorkStrides seminar and trainers are available for hire to agencies, schools, parent groups, etc. that would like to bring the curriculum to their participants. Contact Kris Mecko at 360-653-7752 ext. 19 if you are interested in booking a WorkStrides class.

Inclusive Entrepreneurs

The Inclusive Entrepreneurs program offers information and support for those who have wondered about self-employment but need more information, from discovering personal strengths, to understanding all the ins and outs of running a business, navigating financial and benefits impacts, and accessing all the natural supports needed to effectively thrive in a business community.


Self-employment is not for everyone, and the decision to move toward that path should be made with as much information as possible. We will provide guided discovery and exploration of resources in a safe and supportive way for people with disabilities and their natural supports.


The Inclusive Entrepreneurs program is designed for people with disabilities who are curious about self-employment as an option as well as a mom, dad or sibling who wants to start a family business that includes a family member who has a significant disability


The Inclusive Entrepreneurs program includes:

  • A personal process of self-discovery to determine entrepreneurial strengths
  • Goal setting with all available resources as options
  • Targeted resources individualized to your situation
  • Up to one year of custom business support focused on connecting entrepreneurs to useful business and community resources

This program is currently available by private pay only.  Please call Kris at 360-653-7752 ext. 19 if you are interested in participating.

Community Access

Are you or your loved one retired or not yet ready to seek employment? The Community Access program helps adults who have developmental disabilities to participate in inclusive activities and build lasting community connections.  Participants also explore new interests and have the opportunity to learn valuable communication and social skills.  Please contact your Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA) case manager to qualify.

Employment Services Contact

Kris Mecko
Director of Employment Services

3210 Smokey Point Drive, Suite 201
Arlington, WA  98223
360-653-7752 ext. 19
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