Shelly Mourning

With more than a decade of professional experience as an occupational therapist, having also worked with individuals living with developmental disabilities since her youth, Shelly Mourning joined the VCS Board of Trustees in November 2021. In this capacity, she collaborates with the other Board members to assess monthly reports; vote on new policies, procedures, and motions; and assists VCS efforts with its community promotions and outreach activities.

Shelly has a great affinity for the VCS mission, drawn to service and helping people live out their best lives, personally and professionally.

“I know it’s hard for [people with disabilities] to find meaningful work once they are no longer involved with the support from their school district. I love the idea that VCS is integral in helping these adults find meaningful employment.”

With a goal to help increase community awareness and understanding of VCS, its programs, and services, from housing to employment, Shelly would like to utilize her time on the Board connecting VCS clients with their surrounding communities and helping them to become active and fulfilled members of society. Her favorite quote seems to align with her Board goals, stating that, “inclusion is within everyone’s ability […] encompassing the idea that there is no reason to exclude anyone, for any reason.”

Shelly maintains a Bachelor of Science in Human Development and Family Studies and a Master of Science in Occupational Therapy. She is a registered and licensed Occupational Therapist, currently employed by the Marysville School District.

In her free-time, you can often find Shelly reading, hiking, crafting, or spending quality time with her children. She resides with her husband, Matt; two sons, Liam and Elliot; and family dogs, Buster and Remy, both cockapoos.