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Employment Services Contact

Please contact Kris Mecko, Director of Employment Services, for more information at 360-653-7752 ext. 19.

Employment Services

VCS is proud to provide a continuum of vocational support programs that connect individuals living with physical, mental health, and/or developmental disabilities with their surrounding community through job-related opportunities that elevate their sense of belonging and purpose, fulfill lifelong aspirations, and impart on-the-job training and coaching.


Employment Planning and Supports

  • Skill assessments
  • Goal setting
  • Resume writing and interview training
  • Developing community connections and networking
  • Skill building through trial work experience and volunteerism
  • On-the-job training according to employer’s specifications
  • Help with accommodations
  • Follow-along supports for newly hired employees and their employers
  • Mentoring and advocacy

Community Inclusion

  • Engagement in community activities that:
    • Promote socialization, education, recreation, and personal development
    • Provide the opportunity to learn, practice, and apply new skills
    • Lead to greater independence and inclusion in the community
    • Strengthen relationships
  • Requires referral from DDA case manager  
  • People with disabilities may now participate in both Employment Services and Community Inclusion

Community Employment Services
           Employment Supports

Community Employment Services
           Job Development

Employment Planning Services

Residential Services Contact

Please contact Michelle Dietz, Executive Director of Program and Development, for more information at 360-653-7752 ext. 14.

Residential Services

With a goal to ensure a 100% success rate for VCS clients living within their own homes, VCS offers individualized services that help maximize health, safety, and independence through a system of personalized goal setting, caregiving, and skill development.


100% Success

Individuals with developmental and other disabilities are supported in their own homes to ensure 100% success in the tasks of daily living while maximizing health, safety, and independence. Goals are set and outcomes measured to promote increased awareness and skill development in the following areas: nutrition, health, cooking, banking, shopping, personal finances, relationship development, and personal safety.

Individualized Services

Supports are tailored to individual needs so services vary from person to person. Services are funded through DSHS Developmental Disabilities Administration or private pay arrangements with families.

Goals and Dreams

Annually, each program participant comes together with staff, family members, DDA case manager, community members and others to develop an individualized plan of goals and dreams for the year(s) to come. We recognize and honor our participants’ fundamental right to exercise personal power and choice.

Community Living

Each participant lives in a setting most conducive to meeting his or her individual goals, while providing essential supports—e.g. a single-person apartment or sharing a home with one to four other individuals. Our participants rent their homes and pay for their living expenses. They participate in daily living tasks and decision making as they are able and enjoy a full life filled with inclusive activities and friends. Currently our program participants reside in the communities of Arlington, Smokey Point, Marysville, and Stanwood.

VELC Contact

Please contact Jessie Tear for more information at 360-899-7685 or

Village Experience Learning Center

Learning opportunities in work readiness (WR), independent living (IL), and hard and soft job skills are available through VELC programming made available for both individuals and group settings.

  • Job readiness training
  • Transferable life, job, and coping skills
  • Activities of daily living
  • Life long learning made fun!


Agencies* and individuals are invited to join with us for:  

Individualized & Group Learning

Collaborative & Inclusive Service Projects with Local Non-Profits*

Art, Music, & Cultural Experiences

Outdoor Learning Experiences

*Contact Jessie Tear via e-mail (see button) or 360-899-7685 if you wish to collaborate!

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Village Music & Arts Contact

To join or book the band or for more information about our Village Music & Arts program, please contact Jessie Tear at 360-899-7685 or e-mail via the button below.

Village Music & Arts

Our Village Music and Arts program aims to reduce anxiety and the physical effects of stress, including depression and feelings of isolation through the impactful benefits of music therapy. Voices of the Village, VCS’s member-based ensemble band is under the musical direction of Jon Dalgarn and offers each participant an opportunity to express their creativity while fulfilling their musical aspirations in a safe and collaborative environment while offering opportunities for personal growth and enhanced oral and physical motor skills.


We do not provide direct supervision of individual participants. Those who require supervision, must bring a caregiver.

Mary Jo Memorial Music Fund & Scholarship

The Mary Jo Ager Music Fund was formed to make VCS’s Village Music and Arts programs accessible and affordable to people with disabilities. Funds are distributed based on financial need and are used for Voices of the Village membership fees in the form of a scholarship, musical instruments, and other program needs. The fund was established in January 2021 in honor of Mary Jo who was a founding member of the Voices of the Village band and a beloved participant in VCS’s Residential Supported Living program.

To apply for a Voices of the Village scholarship, download the Village Music & Arts Program Participant Packet Music Program Participant Packet and return the form to the VCS office at 3210 Smokey Point Drive, Suite 200, Arlington, WA 98233 or e-mail to

Jimmy and Sean Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship fund was donated by one of our Village Music & Arts founders, Vicki Adams, in memory of her son’s Jimmy and Sean, who both loved music. This scholarship is available to participants who cannot afford the Voices of the Village participation fee. Jimmy and Sean were life-long participants in the Village Music & Arts and Voices of the Village programs.

To apply for a Voices of the Village scholarship, download the Music Program Participant Packet and return the form to the VCS office at 3210 Smokey Point Drive, Suite 200, Arlington, WA 98233 or e-mail to

Voices of the Village Band

Voices of the Village was founded more than 15 years ago as an interactive music program primarily, but not exclusive to individuals who live with developmental disabilities. Today, the band showcases its talents and inspires audiences throughout Washington State. The ensemble band has an annual following of more than 2,500 community supporters. Membership in the ensemble is open to people of all ages and abilities. To join complete and return the Music Program Participant Packet to VCS at 3210 Smokey Point Drive, Suite 200, Arlington, WA or e-mail signed packet to

Contact Jessie at or 360-899-7685 to join or book the band.

Upcoming Voices of the Village Performances

We do not provide direct supervision of individual participants. Those who require supervision, must bring a caregiver.